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World has become smaller and smaller as we, the human race, boasts of travelling faster and easier. In the modern world, most of us are required to travel for work and leisure. Though, frequent travelling may sound very exciting to begin with; it becomes tedious. Here is a list of some essential things to carry for frequent travelers.

Warning: When you are flying, you might wanna slip some of these items in your check-in baggage.


1. Basics and cosmetics
This usually is different for men and women. Men typically have shaving kit, brush, tooth paste, cologne, comb, hair gel etc. Women add a few less than a million things to this list! Just kidding ladies. Women can keep a small makeup kit with eye liners, lipstick, napkins, nail cutters etc.

2. First Aid
Most of us agree that safety is the foremost important thing. We also have to agree that most of us don’t have a first aid kit. First aids typically have salt solution (for energy & dehydration), glucose, band aids, etc. Have basic medications for stomach upset, dysentery, fever, antacids etc. If you are an adventure enthusiast, a Swiss knife & a pocket torch can be good additions to your travel kit. Be informed of the carrier rules. Images are just a visual representation.

3. Coolers, Caps, Watch, camera
A good set of coolers and cap are essential when you are travelling in tropical areas. It is not a bad idea to have more than 1 cap. Beware of having multiple coolers, as they are fragile and add up space easily. Whether you are a photo buff or a professional, have a spare camera. It could be easy to shoot with your smart phone. You should be wary of the fact, it could drink your battery up.

4. Emergency Contacts written on a paper

It is a personal mandate to write all important numbers to be contacted with names, international & national codes. It is also a good idea to let these people in the list to know of the fact. Keep this written on a thick paper with a ball pen and leave it inside a plastic cover, more like an ID card.

charger5. Electronics and chargers
Have all chargers, spare phones, extension cords etc. all packed, rolled and ready to go. It is a good idea to have a spare old phone. Remember to carry its charger as well. Beware of the fact, there is a new generation of sim cards – micro, mini, nano etc. Having a sim adapter could go a long way during emergencies. Other good additions could be portable chargers, a few pen drives, flash cards etc. A spare battery for your phone is always a terrific idea.

6. Dresses, Undies and a Neck Pillow
Always there is a mandate space dress with a few underwear. A neck pillow works great for many travelers. If you would like to sleep in bliss with your neck positions right, this is the product for you. There are many varieties available in the market. Blissco has availed its travel companions at airports and in many travel shops. You could shop them online as well.


7. Travel Documents
Keep all documents safe in a kit. You might want to keep a copy of important documents in other baggage as well. Passport, Visa, tickets, foreign currency, etc., should all have its regular place your bag.

Whatever you do, have time to travel. Time and age does not turn back. Go far to see culture, technology, wilderness and its always guaranteed to come back with experiences.

Safe and happy journey from Team Blissco.

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