How often should I change my mattress?

Mattresses are one of the most used items in our lives and the least thought about as well. It can ideally be compared to  the number of cars we buy, houses we move etc. While, in other cases, there is a lot of importance and research behind, most of us don’t really care about the mattress we use, where we spend one third of our lifetime.

spring-mattress-cross-section Different mattresses have different lifetime, which depends on the material they are made of. Usually there are spring and foam mattresses. Spring mattresses as the name suggest have been in the market for long. They have springs pressed between layers of coir, and hard bound materials beneath. Flexibility is provided because of the spring. The main disadvantage of spring mattress is that, after a few years, the springs get worn out in the middle and do not stretch to its original shape. This concaves in the middle giving an uncomfortable sleeping position.

This could be dangerous for your back as it could provoke back pain, uncomfortable sleep sessions etc. It also has to be noted that, most of us do not realize this as this change is very gradual. It is ideal to change spring mattresses in about 5 years or less.


On the other hand, foam mattresses have become the new generation mattress. They are comparatively very comfortable than its predecessor. Foam mattresses are made its way to the domestic market only a few decades before. Memory foam is a variant which was originally developed for NASA has ben used in multiple domestic applications including mattress, pillows and other accessories. These mattresses retain the shape and tends to come back to its original shape slowly. Since it can remember the shape, it is called memory foams. These foams are usually good until upto 7-10 years.

No matter what kind do you have, please be noted that mattress is one of the least thought-of products at home, which needs our attention. Mattresses have to be kept in a zipper fabric cover for complete protection. It is a good practice to remove and dry clean the mattress once a month. When dry cleaning is not possible frequently, it is wise to leave them under hot sun for a day. Make sure you don’t loose your mattress to rains!

Maintain your mattress with care and change it in the right time and make sure you jump with joy every day.



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