Your corporate productivity is much dependent on the quality of your sleep!

People sleep almost one third of their lives. Most of us assume, we pass out during sleep when the brain rests well and we don’t think at all. This is not completely true. Sure the brain relaxes and rejuvenates itself during these hours. It would be an interesting observation that, pregnant women, babies and children sleep more than most others. This is no coincidence. Body cells grow well when we sleep. It is an old Indian saying not to wake up sleeping people. We have given so much importance for one’s sleep. Let’s dig more on this.

We have to understand there are primarily 2 kinds of sleep – non-REM and REM sleep. (REM stands for: Rapid Eye Movement sleep).


Non-REM is deep sleep. Typically, there are 3 stages of non-REM, where each stage is deeper than the other. During this type, the person is relatively still. Non-REMs are very important as they aid in body repairs, tissue re-growth, bone & muscle building and not to mention the immune system is strengthened as well. As one gets older, people have problems sleeping, which affects their REM cycle. It is as important as a child, that old people sleep peacefully as they were younger.

REM is typically when we dream. This has rapid eye movements according to our dreams. Dreams propense one’s daily activities, desires, loved ones, insults or maybe anything one has encountered. These dreams are very essential for creativity, problem solving and in fact any necessary answers we need. There is supporting scientific evidence that scientists have found many solutions or lead their thought process in the right way during their sleeping time.


As the figure insists, human temperature has 2 cycles. Did you ever think, why the best time to exercise is either early mornings or the evenings? Naturally, then is when the temperature of the body rises, meaning the energy levels are going up. It is the best time for anyone to concentrate better than most other time in the day. Now we can relate to why there are early risers and night owls, who have developed a lifestyle pattern to their life; and most of them struggle to reverse it.

productivityThough the best thing to do naturally is to wake up in the morning, there are people who work well during nights. For those night owls, you should be aware of the fact, our body does many functions when we are sleeping. Melatonin is released during nights and is one the most important hormones for anti-aging, growth etc. It is also a scientifically proven fact that some hard food are digested late in the night which takes very long than other food. Now having said all these, as we know there are many health benefits to deep-sleep, we should make sure we help ourselves sleep well. Regularity of food, sleep, exercise, work etc., helps you sleep well. Beware and say no to smoking, drinking and drugs for good. If you are struggling to quit, make sure you don’t do any of these, 2 hours before you go to sleep.

Life is a cycle of repetitive pattern of events to a certain extent. Make sure you develop healthy patterns to help your body help you. Did you know when a person sleeps well, he or she looks more attractive, smarter and performs at their best. Sleep well, work well.

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