Blissco is a brain-child of SriRam Foams (P) Ltd. It has been 18 years since Sriram Foams began its vision to bring real value to customers. SRF has over 100 products in versatile applications in different industries. Custom made cushions are used in automobile, retail, auditoriums, furniture, transport and medical industries. The elastomers are used in countless applications in many industry applications. Sriram Foams always put their clients first delivering quality products with unique approach to production processes. With a strong advocacy for customer satisfaction, Sriram Foams has a R&D department constantly bringing new approaches not only to the products but also in all perspectives of the business to be a visionary contributor to the foam industry. It has been almost 2 decades; Sriram Foams stands confident as an established manufacturer in the domestic and international market.

Sriram Foams thrives on quality with various certifications and accolades including but not limited to:
1. ISO 9001:2008 certified.
2. Member of Indian Sleep Products Federation.
3. Prestigious projects with ISRO and CINE applications.

ispfBlissco with a range of mattresses, pillows and travel accessories is approaching the industry with a vision to redefine the availability of quality products, at the best-in-class price. All products are manufactured in sophisticated manufacturing units to meet high industry standards. We invite you to experience our products. If you are looking for bulk purchases, please contact us directly.