Build Your Own Mattress


We have a plethora of about 81 of mattresses to choose from to fit your requirement.

We also work with architects, interior designers, developers and with a few clientele, who really wanted to design their mattresses.

At Blissco, we make high quality foams, developed after research and development. Our R&D has developed many projects in foam based applications. Our clientele include NASA and various cine applications. After repeated testing and development, we have successfully  developed products for many applications including mattresses.

A foam mattress basically has 3 to 4 layers. In short:

Visco-elastic foam or memory foam was primarily developed for NASA’s Ames. Research Centre in the late 60s. These foams are made to recover to its original shape, which has been used creatively by some companies for domestic usage, especially mattresses. It provides body care or reducing pressure on joints and muscles are contours to your body shape to disperse body weight and pressure more evenly.

Convoluted foam provides uniform air circulation providing pure comfort throughout your sleep.

High Resilience foams or just HR Foams have a high support factor and greater surface resilience than memory foams. This bridges the hard re-bonded foams with the convoluted foam for better support and comfort. 

Hard re-bonded foam provides firm support and durability

Our motto is client satisfaction. Please talk to us on your requirement and our expert shall suggest you in which combination of foams in their right sizes shall be the ideal t for you.
Experience a blissful sleep with Blissco.