Contour Memory Foam Pillow

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Product Description

These pillows give you the utmost comfortable sleeping experience with the neck support along with memory foam.

You can bliss out peacefully with our memory foam pillows.

Ideal for people who sleep in different positions.

Check warranty card for details.

Free home delivery.

Easy hassle-free return policies – conditions apply.

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Quality checking process: quality requirements of the mattress is bench-marked and set as standard.

Quality checking process:

Quality requirements of the mattress is benchmarked and set as standard. Following the quality assurance process we have to meet above:

* Raw materials are processed with utmost care following standard operating procedures
* Any material from external party are inspected and ensured that it meets prescribed standards (test certificates are checked and ensured).
* On each steps like bonding , stitching etc, specifications like dimensions, visual defects are checked by qualified QC in-charge to ensure adherence.
* Final inspection is carried out with check sheets before dispatch

** All pillows have 3 years guarantee


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